Meet Our Pomskies


Jade is a stunning black and white Irish marked Pomsky that  we bred and raised. She has grown up in a Gaurdianship home with three children aged 1, 3 and 4 and has proven to be an incredible family dog. 
Jade is 14 inches at the shoulder and 15lbs.

Jade has ice blue eyes and a super soft, plush/standard coat that is jet black with slight silvering in her tail and hindquarters.  

Jade is excellent at recall training and is wonderful offleash. She is highly obedient, loves kids, small animals and is truly a wonderful companion. 

Jade came from a litter of 10 puppies who all kept their double blue eyes. This is because her dam is from a 9 generation line that was bred and raised by one specific breeder who didn't out cross to any non-blue eyed dogs along with no coat colors outside black and white, gray and white and silver and white. Jade should hold a very strong blue eyed gene as well as carry a "blue" coat gene which she should hopefully pass onto her offsring. 

Pictured is Jade as a puppy to Jade currently as an adult to see the changes in markings and looks. She is truly an incredible breed example and we are very proud to have bred and raised such an amazing dog. 

Jade has been cleared of over 180 genetic diseases and has a rare 9.6% wolfiness.

​In 2018 Jade will complete proper OFA and Cerf Testing and then will be paired with another home-bred F1 Pomsky stud for an incredible F2 pairing. 

​We are more than excited to further develop the Pomsky breed with Jade the center of our future program enhancement.


We purchased Aurora from an amazing Pomsky breeder in Kentucky who has come to truly perfect the looks of what a Pomsky should be. Her hard work, careful planning and ability to think outside the box shows in this amazing Pomsky! 

We had searched for quite a long time to find the perfect female for our program. Our focus has always been F1s but we were looking for the perfect outside female to add and develop an F2 line. Finally... we found it in Aurora!

Aurora is everything we wanted to add into our program. Her amazing coat, perfect mask and incredible dispostion should cross extremely well with our already established program of F1 Pomskies and AKC Pomeranians. 

Aurora is  a 50/25/25 split meaning she is 50%  Siberian Husky, 25% Pomeranian and 25% American Eskimo. In order for a breed to develop and work towards a complete "standard" more than two breeds must be added. The International Pomsky Associaiton accepts German Spitz, Klein and American Eskimo Crosses to further enhance and develop the Pomsky. 

Aurora is 15 inches and 25lbs. She has an incredible wooly coat, perfect mask and a dispostion you cannot beat. 
​Her recall is on point every time and she loves everything and anything. 

​Aurora has already been marked clear of MDR1 and Exercise Induced Trachea Collapse. She will also be tested clear of 150 genetic diseases and complete standard OFA and Cerf testing prior to breeding. 

Thank you again Mary for allowing Aurora to be apart of the SZ Program!



Raven was bred and raised by us at SZ Pomskies. She is a stunning F1 Pomsky with perfect markings and blue eyes. 

​She will be a future breeding mama for  F2 and F1b litters as long as all health tests are clear. 

​Raven is clear by parentage to be free from carrying over 150 genetic diseases. ​

Raven's parents both have some of the best dispositions out of any dogs we own. They are extremely affectionate and want to be with you at all times. 

Raven shows what our program will be in the future. We are working hard to create more like her. 

Raven is 10.2 lbs full grown. 

Raven is by far one of, if not the best Pomsky we have raised. Her sturucture, size, build and amazing personaility shows that hard work pays off. She is bold and intelligent, loving and loyal. She greets everyone with a kiss and sits politley for a treat and a back scratch. Raven is currently 10.2 lbs at 9 months old. We love her dearly and look forward to making more just like her. 

Raven loves to take trips to places to work on public access training kills such as Menards, Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Bass Pro, Sportsmans and MORE. Whenever she goes to a public area people flock to her and she loves it! She is not shy at all and jumps into strangers arms. Raven loves to be held on her back and carried like a baby. She will do anything for a treat! She loves to please and is so smart! She already knows sit, down, shake, hi-five, roll over and is house trained and crate trained. She loves car rides and to travel to new places. Raven is shows exactly what we strive to achieve in our lines. She is everything and more and we are so proud to say we bred and raised her here at SZ Pomskies. 

We will post MANY updates of Raven as she grows on our Facebook Page: Pomskies of Iowa - SZ Rolling Acres LLC. Be sure to "like" and "follow" us for more updates on her and all of our Pomskies!


We purchased Luxe from a wonderful breeder in southeastern Iowa. She is by far one of the most striking Pomskies we have ever laid eyes on. The breeder himself said she is the best Pomsky they have ever produced. Her looks, color, coat and dispostion are truly perfect. 

Luxe is currently 8 months and weighs 10lbs. She should mature around 12bs full grown. She has a wooly coat that is silver in color which are two things that don't come around very often. She has a true husky mask and beautiful blue eyes with one little brown chip in the right one. 

Luxe is super friendly, loves everyone and just wants to be the center of attention. Our hope for Luxe is to get her to earn her Canine Good Citizen and then move on to her Therapy Dog Certification so we can take her to nursing homes and hospitals to spread her infectious personailty and love to people who need an extra smile in their lives. 

Luxe will be used for F2 and F1b Pomskies in the future. We hope to pair her with a male who looks very similar to her in looks and size so we can try to duplicate her perfection. 

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Achieving excellence by producing perfection