Merle Pomskies

SZ Pomskies specializes in merle Pomskies. It is our goal to produce unique and exquisite Pomskies that stand out amongst the rest. Merle is a beautiful coloration that the Pomeranian carries. It can come in just about any color variation such as chocolate merle, black and tan merle, silver merle, sable merle etc. We currently have produced black and tan quintuple merles (a total of 5 colors), silver and white merle, silver and tan merle as well as golden sable merle. We try our best to incorporate some type of mask on our merle dogs in terms of either a true husky mask, Irish markings or tan points resembling a reverse husky mask. The merle gene is VERY tricky and requires selective and careful breeding. The breeder must make sure to NEVER breed a merle to merle. At this time, we only use merle in F1 crosses to assure no problems can arise as Siberian Huskies cannot carry merle. This makes our breeding’s 100% safe. Merles are so unique you will never get the same combination twice. We pride ourselves with breeding some of the best merle Pomskies available right now. With that we do have a lot of interest in our merles. With the rarity of this color and the immense standards we set our dogs to, the merle pricing is also very high. If you are interested in a merle Pomsky I highly suggest joining our waiting list! Usually only 25% a litter is merle so sometimes there can be a little bit of a wait.

Maverick is an extremely rare quintuple merle with tan points and blue eyes. His coat is made up of 5 different colors: Silver, black, white, tan and charcole. He is one of the only quintiple merles I have seen and the only one we have ever made. He stands out amongst the crowd and was one of the most talked about dogs we have ever raised. 

Wookie is a real heart throb. He is a minimal marked silver and white irish marked merle with blue eyes. His coat is pure silver and he has just hints of black specs throughout. He is also a wooly which means he has a really fluffy coat. Wookie is an incredible Pomsky with perfect white accents to match!

Tigress was born with tiger stripes along her sides making her look like a baby tiger. She also has a very faint husky mask and perfect white accents on her chest, paws, and tail. Tigress is a golden sable merle with double blue eyes. She truly looks like a golden tiger. 

Truman is a silver and tan merle with white accents. He has beautiful tan markings on his eye brows, legs and muzzle. His mask will form even more as he grows resembling a reverse husky mask. Truman has stunning silvery gray eyes that make his coat pop even more! Look at the tan lining his ears... amazing!!

Merlin is a super awesome silver and cream merle with white accents. He has a very light tan color on his eye brows, muzzle and legs resembling a reverse husky mask. Along with that he has perfect white markings on all four legs and his tail. He has beautiful black specs throughout his silver coat that make a beautiful and unique pattern.

Achieving excellence by producing perfection