SZ Pomsky Application

Puppies Are Coming!

Roxie x Yoshi

Generation: F1b 75% Husky

Colors: Black and whites with masks

Sizing: 16-29lbs

Coats: Plush Coats

Tundra x Pirate 

Generation: F1 50% Husky

Colors: Black and whites, blue merles, silver merles, sable merles, tan and sables. 

Sizing: 8-25lbs

Coats: Plush, wooly and standard

Raven x Kiska 

Generation: F2 50% Husky

Colors: Black and whites/Silver  and whites/Gray and whites with masks. 

Sizing: 5-20lbs

Coats: Plush/wooly/standard 

Here are some puppies that are related to the above pairings. We will have puppies similar to these below and MORE. 

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