"Achieving Excellence by Producing Perfection."
   Nestled in the rolling farm ground of central Iowa, SZ Rolling Acres LLC raises top quality Pomskies that fit the needs of a diverse lifestyle. We raise Pomskies that are active, family oriented and have high intelligence to do whatever is asked of them. Excellence and perfection is what we strive for. Our dogs come from top notch pedigrees with the best temperament, structure and ability. Our dogs are health tested prior to breeding as well as guided through many temperament tests to assure they have the best disposition you can find.
   Raising dogs is not just a hobby it is a passion and we have dedicated years of quality care, time and experience to raising the best of the best. We have also acquired a long list of accreditation including being #27 in the International Pomsky Association, one of the first members of the Pomsky Owner’s Association, becoming one of the three founding Members of the Pomsky Breeder’s Association, becoming one of the three founders and directors of the Miniature American Husky Breeder's Association and MORE. We also have been able to win some big Pomsky contests such as winning the 2016 Pomsky of the Year by the POA with Pixie, winning the 2017 POA Pomsky of the Year with Kratos, placing 3rd in the 2017 POA Pomsky of the Year with Jade and just recently earned the title of 2018 Best Crossbred in Show by the International Pomsky Association with our home-bred and raised F1 Pomsky Raven. Along with our own personal accomplishments we have had dogs go on to be service and therapy workers, emotional support dogs, household pets, agility competitors as well as earn Canine Good Citizen awards, and of course being a man's best friend.
   It is our duty to provide every buyer with not only the best puppy they can find but also the best experience! We offer lifetime breeder support to every buyer that purchases from us. This means throughout your puppy's life, we will be there every step of the way to tend to any questions you may have and to simply offer support and advice of raising this wonderful breed. We hope to make this the best and most wonderful puppy buying experience possible. Thank you for choosing SZ Pomskies.
                                                                   Thank you, 
                                                                      SZ Rolling Acres LLC

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Raising dogs for temperament, structure, health and ability.

SZ Royal Reign of Raven is the 2018 International Pomsky Assocation Best Crossbred in Show!!!

Raven was bred and raised by us here at SZ Pomskies!

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Achieving excellence by producing perfection